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Today is not the same time as before. Today, we have advanced a lot in the field of technology, but have gone far behind in the field of purity. Today, nothing is pure, the water that we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat. Also, our lifestyle has changed completely. In such a situation, keeping your body healthy is a very challenging task. This is even more difficult for women. Because today our women are not limited to just home. Today women are handling their work along with home and family.


In such a situation, a woman needs to take responsibility for her health. Because it is very important to be fit to handle so many responsibilities.

                But not all women have the freedom to go out and exercise and sometimes they don’t have time for it. So in this blog of mine, I want to solve these problems of women. I will tell you some exercises that women can do at home. All these exercise celebrities follow themselves and also recommend to others.

We can all give half an hour in the morning to our health. Not much, we can keep ourselves healthy, calm and happy just by exercising half an hour of the morning.

Before telling about exercises, I want to break some misconceptions. Fat loss is difficult or we can’t reduce the weight after pregnancy. Some such misconceptions women have kept.In which there is no truth at all. Fat loss is very easy to do. Also, you can keep your body in shape even after pregnancy.

  1. Squats 

Squats increase the strength of our legs. Our joints are strong. The legs are flexible. We become stress-free and focus on our work well.

  1. Katichakrasana

It a very basic and simple reason. Which women must do.it is good for our spine. Because we all sit and work long hours. So there would be tension in our spine. It is very easy and you must do it 10 to 15 times. While doing this asana, you will be able to feel the movement happening in your spine.


This asana enhances the strength of your lungs, liver, and pancreas. Belly fat reduces. Improves the blood flow of the feet.


This asana is very good for your hands and feet strength. This exercise also fixes your posture.

5.Push ups 

Pushups are great for strengthening your shoulder and hands. Every celebrity does this exercise. Initially, you will not be able to do it properly, but it will be done to you with practice.

Now, I have fuel to fire. While doing all this exercise, if you also pay attention to your diet that is, we take a balanced diet so we can achieve our fitness goals very soon. The amount of nutrition in today’s food has reduced very much. You can have some artificial balance diet at your place of eating.

Which is completely safe. you can check on Google by type which nutrition use Virat Kohli or Mary Kom? All sportsmen also use this diet.

      Stay healthy stay happy.

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