5 effective exercises to remove Spectacles?

Almost 30 years ago, everyone’s eyes were healthy. People used to wear glasses only after the age of 70 to 80. But in today’s time, every other man sees us in spectacles, even if it is a 4-year-old kid.

Because today the time has completely changed. Technologies have become a very important part of our life today. Today, we cannot think of our life without technology. This technology has given us some tools that make our eyes worse like mobile phones and laptops.

  Our lives have become dependent on these devices. Therefore, we cannot stop using them. But we can definitely keep some precautions in the use of these devices.

1.Look Far:-

Whenever we are using a mobile or laptop, we are only looking at the object near us. At that time our eyes are contracting and they get tense. So to relax the eyes at this time, we should look at the distant object for a maximum of 2 minutes. You will feel that your eyes relax more than before. This is a very easy and simple step to improve your eyesight. Do it every single day taking a break of 2 minutes after every hour of work. This is very beneficial for you.

2.Washing your eyes with cold water:-


                 To relax our eyes, we should wash our eyes with cold water three to four times a day. This action is more effective when you wash your eyes by filling your mouth with water. Because in this state our eyes open more and when cold water is used, more and more muscles relax. This action is more beneficial in the morning.

3.Look at your finger:-

This is the most useful practice of improving eyesight. In this, you have to concentrate on one finger. For this, first, you open your hand in front and look at your finger for a few seconds. Then slowly bring your finger towards your face. But keep your eyes on the finger. Then look the other side for a few seconds. Again keep looking at the finger for a few seconds, then straighten your hand slowly. This action can be done two to three times.

4.Blink your eye:-

When we are studying with a book or doing some work on a laptop, we forget to blink our eyes. Which causes eye strain. So we should blink our eyes every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

5.Close your eyes tightly:-

Like blinking, we should do this action every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. This causes blood circulation in the eye. It is like food for the eyes. This makes your eyes relax and fresh.

All the above-mentioned actions are very helpful in improving eyesight. You can see the result in a few months. Therefore, you must do all these exercises to keep your eyes healthy.

Here I have added many exercises to remove your spectacles and these are workable for any aged people.

                                       All the exercises have been recommended by Dr. Vivek Joshi.

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