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Healthyadda means?

Before knowing about the Healthyadda site, it will be more interesting for all of you to know, what is the actual meaning of Healthyadda? Which is the name of our site. So all my dear visitors as you can see that there are two words, healthy and adda. Healthy means not often ill, strong, and helping to produce good health. Its meaning is well known and understood by all. But the word Adda, not easy for everyone to understand, only Indian people know the meaning of this word very well, because it's an Indian word. Basically, Adda denotes a place that people have chosen for themselves. But Adda is not a normal place, it has its own distinct feature. This place can be used only by those who have chosen it. Other people are not allowed to come to this place. So first, you have to choose then you can come to this place. There is one more thing, adda is a place where you do a specific work you choose. So Healthyadda is a place that you can choose for yourself. Because here, we deliver the best health-related information to the world.

Who runs Healthyadda?

Hey guys, this is Prakriti Pathak and I had the first thought to start Healthyadda. Today, I along with my whole team are trying to make people's life healthy life. My health journey started only when I was born in a family whose members consider health to be their number one priority. My grandparents and parents are very strict about their own and their children’s health. Our lifestyle is much disciplined. We always slept and got up on time in our family. Less oil is always used in our home food. Fresh and seasonal vegetables are cooked more. We used to go to a hotel or restaurant rarely. We have been eating mostly our homemade food. In this way, I and my siblings became conscious of our own health since childhood.

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But the one who inspired me the most is my grandfather. I have never seen a disciplined person like him. My grandfather doesn’t even drink tea or coffee out of the house. When I was not even born, he started doing yoga and he has not missed a single day since then. Whether he has to travel or has a function at home, he would find a place to do his yoga. Today, he is over seventy years old. But his body and dedication to Yoga do not seem to know his true age.

He also a member of Bharatiya Yoga Sansthan, where he also teaches yoga to other people. Along with all this he keeps a high amount of salad in his diet. He do not eat fried food at all. That is why even at the age of seventy he is completely healthy and do not take any kind of medicine. So in this way, I learned from my grandfather to prioritize health.

When I entered in my teen age, I wanted to do a part time job with my studies so I started searching for jobs in my home town. Fortunately, I got a job in a wellness industry. This industry used to make people aware of their health. Where the way of working was very unique and new for me. Our industry used to conduct health seminars in different places like schools, colleges, banks or any other government offices and private sectors. In which our experts used to discuss these things, why it is so important to take care of your health? How should we take care of our health? How to get rid of diseases like obesity, sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure?

For this we had a machine called Body composition monitor, by which we used to scan the internal body compositions like BMI, VFA, RM, Weight, Skeletal Muscles, and Body Age of the people. With this we used to get reading of their entire body. So in this way we were able to find the source of diseases in their body. Accordingly, we used to suggest them diet, exercise, supplement and products. Fortunately, our audience used to be very satisfied with us and give lots of blessings to us. Because our health is the actual wealth.

I am a deep observer, my seniors noticed this and motivated me to do seminars at my level. I have seen their different problems with different types of people and have also seen what our experts recommend to them. So only three months after joining, I started doing seminars at my level. I used to do these seminars in people’s homes because I wanted to make aware to all the housewives for health, which I did. I did this for a year and a half. The women who have been very impressed with me are still in my contact.

I had to leave my job because I was qualified in the entrance of National Cadet Corps, which is one of India’s most respected organizations. In other words, I got selected as a junior soldier and we all know that the training of a soldier is not an easy task at all. But whatever task is done here, we can become our best version. NCC is a mixture of every aspects (like health, personality, communication and leadership) of our life. Which helps us in both personal and professional fields. Here I learned all the activities that made myself very strong physically and mentally. It is such a place where we learn discipline, here we know how much our limits are and also break these limits. Here we build our personality. Here I have given three years of my life and learned a lot of things in return.

Along with this, fortunately, I got a chance to become a member of the Rashtriya Sevika Samiti, which is a Hindu nationalist women’s organization. This organization introduced me to the field of spirituality, which taught me to be down to earth. It introduced us to our origin.

Why start Healthyadda?

Information attracts us, the kind of information that we take, we will become like that. The kind of things I have put my life into, all of these put it in me that our first priority should be our health. I have gained a lot of experience, a lot of knowledge from that. Which made me a disciplined and hyperactive person. So that I could bring productivity to my work. By sharing all that knowledge and experience, I want to give people the right treatment, considering their problems.

Aim of Healthyadda:-

“Be at ease without disease”, which is our moto, this is exactly what we want to do. We are trying to make a world where nobody is sick, all healthy and happy.