How to lose weight in just 15 days?

The problem of obesity has become a common problem today. Obesity is usually caused by 4 main reasons.

1.Less Physical Activity


3.Unhealthy Eating


But it does not take any hard and fast rule to reduce obesity. Every scientific physical activity is useful for weight loss. Because when you work out, your body’s metabolism balance remains. Obesity brings with it 10 types of diseases.

So his weight loss should be his priority for any obese man. It is very simple, you just have to live with a little bit of discipline. Control your food, clean your stomach and do some yoga exercises, you can lose 1 to 2 kg in your day.

1.Tiryak Tada Asan

2. Trikonasana

3.Upavisha Konsana








  1. All asanas have to be done by the rule.

2.Initially, asanas have to be done once or twice.

3.Take care of your breathing.

4.By doing the asanas for about 1 week, your body is flexible. So now you will do all the asanas five to six times.

5.Doing all the asanas on an empty stomach in the morning or evening.

  1. For good results, along with the practice of rugs, drink plenty of water throughout the day. Eat plenty of salad and avoid junk food.

7.Be patient and will believe that you will lose weight.

                                           -By Baba Ramdev

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